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Landtop Intelligent LED Display, new system

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1.  Hign BandwidthNo cacheReal time transmisstion with no delay
Gigabit network transmission,unique patented data indication,no frame skip,no frame tear. High frequency refresh rates makes the frames on LED display 100% synchronized with media server display.

2.  Super grayscale, 16 bit, Theater-level display
16bit grayscale dynamic range. Perfect restore 8bit/10bit/12bit input grayscale.
Produces 281 trillions colors.
One screen display upto 120Fps capable to playback high quality 3D contents.
Color gamut larger than HDTV.

3.  Ultra-high refresh rate, real 3000Hz, no frame skip, no scanline
High performance CPU controlled module brings highfrequency refresh rate. Refresh rate 3000Hz.
Each module has four stream I/O ports. The stream rebuilds a new route in RealTime when some links broken. The whole grid and LED display are not effected.
Free form structure,screen resolution is unlimited. 4 I/O grid structure expands the screen size freely,without set up.
5.  Display status feedback in Realtime
Each display module has independent sensor. Control server reports the module status to the supervising computer with accurate position.

6. Intelligent control, auto select the optimal working mode
Intelligent control : Module onboard temperature
Cabinet internal temperature
Environment Light
Feed back in Realtime

7. Point Lightness Correction

Point by point lightness correction brings you a balanced LED screen.Multiple lightness presents selectable, optimized, normal and energy saving.